What can Phab Marketing help you with?

Phab Marketing helps businesses that have a website but it isn't producing expected results.

Phab Marketing can collaborate with your SEO agency or in-house teams to strategize, implement and drive results. Also, we can help create processes and train inhouse SEO team.

Services offered:

SEO Audits

SEO Audits & Competition Analysis

Technical SEO, Content Audits, Local Listings (covering GMB, Bing Local, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.), Backlinks Health Audit to understand the current strengths & weaknesses of the website. Understanding the competition on technical, content and local listings/links fronts helps in identifying the potential opportunities for your business.

SEO Strategy

Search Marketing (SEO) Strategy

SEO is constantly moving target and Phab Marketing takes the load of keeping up to date with the search industry news and algorithm updates. Based on the audit findings, comp analysis, business needs and search industry trends, we work with you to craft customized strategies to help grow online visibility, traffic & sales.

SEO Training


It's true what they say about how much the people define the culture and experience of any role in any company. Phab Marketing seemlessly partners with your business to train SEO resources on best practices for SEO tools, content creation, link building, local listings, general search guidelines and much more based on your employee needs.

SEO Reporting


At Phab Marketing, we believe that data has to be at the core of any successful marketing strategy. Hence, analysis & reporting on results driven from the implemented strategies is critical. We work independently or collaborate with the inhouse team to produce impactful reports.

About Phab Marketing

Consulting that goes beyond advice!

Phab Marketing is a boutique search marketing consultancy started by Kanika Thakran in August 2020. We partner with businesses of all kinds to identify SEO problems, craft personalized strategies/solutions and collaborate with inhouse or external resources of the business to grow search visibility, drive traffic and sales.


Clear SEO Advice

1. Act with full honesty & integrity.

Long Term Success

2. Provide solutions for long term success.

Partnership in driving SEO Results

3. Take equal ownership of results.

What’s new on our blog?

We are passionate about search marketing and our blog gets regularly updated with client case studies, industry news and our research work.

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